We are fairly certain you were born on this day in 1989. If not 'born' then something else, but we celebrate anyway! My contribution to this day is a gift for your future


At a point when it's the most exquisite we shall venture forth to Vienna! It can be just you and I or we can set out with legions (Luke and Alena) ! Here we shall wander the streets devouring every sausage and beer in sight! We shall take no prisoners! Once our minds have calmed and the city has taken hold of us we will come upon the magnificent, yet unsuspecting Leopold Museum. Here lies perhaps the largest collection of the great artists Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. We will feel a sense of excitement, curiosity and our eyes will most surely bleed at the beauty. The beauty!  

After this moment, which promises to greatly enrich our lives we may become a tad melancholy. The work of Schiele and Klimt will move us in unexpected ways! But, this is not to be fraught over now. For we cannot know what the future and our trip to Vienna holds! 

For now, celebrate this, your wondrous day!  

With my deepest sympathies,